Pre-Festival Adjudicator - Mark Mooney


Mark has been an adjudicator for almost a decade. He has worked with the Western Ontario Drama League, the Eastern Ontario Drama League, Sears Drama Festival (now the National Theatre School Festival), and most recently with the regional level of the American Association of Community Theatre.
His love for theatre began early in high school in Guelph where he performed and worked behind the scenes in school productions. He also attended many significant professional productions with his school that sealed his love for this craft.
After completing a degree in Drama and Theatre Arts, he spent his career teaching theatre at the secondary school level. Working in a multicultural school, he and his students presented theatrical works in a variety of spaces (theatres, parks, elementary school classrooms, museums, and hospital wards). He continues to provide support to London area secondary schools with lighting design and student mentorship support. A supporter of theatrical development at the community level, he has also conducted workshops on acting, directing and design for community theatre groups in the region and has play polished on request.
Mark has been dedicated to community theatre since being asked to see a theatre revue in Chatham. He has acted, directed, designed or been part of construction teams or backstage crews for many productions by groups in WODL. He has won WODL awards for directing, lighting design and set design. He has also been nominated for awards with Theatre Ontario and London’s Brickenden Awards.
He is a member of several WODL groups and is a life member of London Community Players and the Western Ontario Drama League. He also served on the board of Theatre Ontario for many years.